More trees if you Please

Although I am just posting pics now - I have had my decorating up for a while -We have been in the Christmas mood all month and I can't believe that the big day is almost here!
I would like to wish everyone a
Happy Holiday
filled with family, prezzies, and good things to eat,
Christmas cheer, and relaxations and all things good!!
I took a bit of a break from my work for the last two weeks, giving me time to shop, decorate, and enjoy the season with my family
(and nursing the babies through colds).
the following pics reflect some of my Christmas projects/works in progress
Here is an animal tree that we placed on the mantel
(up out of the way of curious kiddies)
the animals are all hand-made circa 1920's - part of an ark set that is missing the bottom of the ark. I love the simplicity of these animals so I have kept the tree bare and topped with a rustic crown from Nancy's metal art.
I think next year I may add some pop-corn or seed garland and some rustic bead ornaments.
My girlfriend and I embarked on a Gnome hunt this year - both of us creating gnome trees for our homes. This is going to have to be a progressive tree because I still have tiny gnome cake toppers, Dresden gnomes and yellow mushrooms that didn't get finished. I also plan to add more woodland creatures and perhaps a woodland scene under glass.
Tune in next year to see more gnome ornaments, and perhaps a three foot toadstool that I have sketched out!
two yards of vintage red velvet made for the perfect skirt
There's no place like GNOME for the HOlidays
(ok.. totally HAD to do that - sorry:))

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Len said...

I love the gnome tree and those big mushrooms are really neat. I have very little out this year because I've been so busy. Very little for me is probably just right for most people. Is there such a word as excess? Too much is never enough. Merry Christmas to all of you down there.