Smetimes you feel like a Crone

This years' Birthday has left me wondering where the years have flown
And the thought of more housework is making me moan,
I'm beginning to feel a bit like a

So worn and weary - right down to the bone,
Yes, I really am becoming a

I need a new challenge to pique my interest.
Something creative - difficult to resist...

Time to create a CRONE of my own, something made.... for me alone.

A CRANKY CRONE - someone that I'd admire,
is sure to light my creative fire.

This CRONE will be three months in the making
January's for innovation and painting.
Visit in February to measure her construction,
Come back in March for your introduction.

A Three month
Cranky Crone Challenge
hosted by
Me, Amelia Schaefer of
Sweet B FOlk Art

Visit our blogs on the 24th of each month.
A prize will be offered with the grand reveal
on March 24th, 2011


Carolee said...

Haha - I love it!! Can't wait to see what you come up with...

Happy Birthday!

~ Carolee

Len said...

I can't picture you a cranky crone. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with and how cranky she will be.

Are we to call you "Sweet-n-Sour B" from now on?

Brandi McKenna said...

Love this, can't wait to see, and you are NO crone, B!!!