A Valloween Treat

Is there anything as romantic or nostalgic as an old fashioned

heart-shaped box of chocolates? Trimmed in velvet and feathers,

this box seems to have been left by a secret admirer Look closely at the luscious assortment of delectable delights!

Which will you try first?

(Clockwise from left)

A poisonberry witch

Black Cat Crunch

Cameo creme de Morte

Wicked walnut

A beetle brittle

A malicious Mallow (center) Or perhaps a pumpkin "scream"

a creepy cherry

or a

Black cat licorice
A cruel caramel?
Or even a chocolate coffin?
This poison purple rose creme may be the last sweet you ever indulge in!
Worried about the calories? No need to fear.... this box of chocolate is on the ulitmate DIEt plan....

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magikalseasons said...

Love the candies! My fav is the creepy carmel. :)

Shes Off Her Rocker said...

Absolutely brilliant! Sweet B I love you! These absolutely crack me up! I hope new baby motherhood is going well. Miss you my friend!

Fran said...

FANTASTIC! love the candy box and the candies inside. Wonderful creating as usual.