Candy of the Month

Due to my vast experience as a candy connoisseur, I am going to post a featured candy of the month for your enjoyment.
How could this month's candy be anything but the word famous PEEPS!
Peeps come in a variety of colors but EVERYONE knows that yellow taste the best. Personally I like my peeps a little bit stale, this gives them more texture and chewy-ness.

Peeps also taste quite good frozen and can be popped onto a stick, dipped in melted chocolate and rolled in coconut.

I, personally, am not very jazzed by the holiday versions such as snowmen or pumpkins. Seriously, why would a pumpkin be called a Peeps? Peeps are made in the good ol' USA, and it is possible to fit an entire double box into your mouth at one time.

Enjoy your Peeps

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