OK GLITTER GIRLS, lets talk sparkle!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a penchant for all things sparkly (its the magpie in me!). In my workspace I am surrounded by sparkly treasures, and even though I am a full grown woman, I still find myself sifting through my costume jewelry stash and picking out my favorite pieces or running my fingers through bags of sequence to see the light hit it a certain way. WHY IS THIS?

Is there a name for this partiality towards glittery and shiny things? Would this fascination with sparkles be considered a fetish?

When I was a kid, my favorite t-shirt was a kelly green one with a huge iron on glitter transfer that read "Gooseberry" . The design came complete with prismatic gooseberries in a glittery gooseberry patch. It wasn't MY t-shirt by the way, it belonged to my best friend, but I coveted it in the worst way.

Recently, I found a seller on e-bay with an entire line of those glittery iron-on transfers (circa. 1980's) - it took every ounce of will power not to bid (we have a temporary moratorium on e-bay in my house - but that's a topic for another posting).

In reality, I know that having large glitter designs pasted across my middle aged chest is tacky, but the desire for the pretty glitter overrides good sense and good taste every time.

Luckily my careers have led me down glitter encrusted paths. Working in the events industry let me play with glitter on a grand scale (we are talking pounds of the stuff!), and now my art work lets me dabble with vintage glitter, costume spangles and vintage jewels - no wonder I am so happy doing what I'm doing.

Thankfully glitter and "bling"are in right now, half of my days are spent walking around with glitter granules in my hair, on my nose or under my fingernails. I like to think that I look fashionable with my strategically placed sparkles. My husband , however, tells me I look like I work in a strip club!

I know I'm not alone in this obsession with shimmer. Reading other blogs reassures me that there are plenty of other girls who would gladly spend their pocket money on strands of tinsel or bags of glitter. So, if you pass a girl on the street who shimmers when the sunlight hits her - smile - she's one of us..... a GLITTER GIRL!

Happy Sprinkling!

- Sweet B.

Click the link below for some "old school glitter" http//www.blumchen.com/craft_shop_mica_glitter_pg2.html


vivian said...

cute post amelia! I often have glitter all over me too! and I have to say that the rug under my kitchen table has glitter ground in! oh well.. such is the life of a glitter girl huh?
Happy Easter!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Count me in the "Glitter on my face in public" club.
See you on G and G in April!