Hippity Hoppity Lolli Poppity

Here is my latest banner, just in time for Easter! ....Forget Easter Eggs - this bunny is going straight for the sugar (my kind of guy).

Bunny Lollipop can be found at Sweet Liberty, a wonderful Folk Art store located in the Scottsdale Borgata.
Stop by if you can, there are so many amazing OOAK Folk Art pieces to see. I am honoured to have my little banners displayed along side the work of such talented and famous artists. Sweet Liberty also has a wonderful section of the store dedicated to fabulous wall coverings! The vintage styled wallpapers are my favorite (I would LOVE to get my hands on one of the sample books).

If you would like to buy this banner, or have any questions for me, please send me an e-mail.
ALSO......Since I am new to the Blogging scene I would love any feedback, suggestions, comments or chitty chat from you!

Well, back to working on my own Easter projects for family and friends - those baskets aren't going to fill themselves you know!

Sweet B.

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vivian said...

Hi AMelia,
I got your email and popped over to say thank you for the compliments on my blog! I really didnt start mine too long ago.. but it does take a little time to get "established" I guess. just pop into others blogs and leave comments and people will start stopping by your blog to see who you are too!
have fun!