Candy of the Month

This month's candy is SMARTIES! Chosen in honour of April Fools Day! Smarties are a very durable candy, they don't melt in extreme heat, they don't turn a funny color when frozen and they last forever! If you find a Smartie in the cushion of your couch, or dig one up from the depths of your car's interior, you can pretty much count on it tasting exactly the same as one fresh out of the wrapper. Smarties were introduced in 1949 and were commonly known as "candy pills". In addition to the regular fruit flavor Smarties also come in jumbo size, sour, and tropical flavor.

Smarties are made in the U.S. and in Canada by the Ce De company. Canadian Smarties can sometimes be found on U.S. shelves during Halloween when demand is high. Canadian Smarties are slightly larger and have a stronger taste than the American version.

Eat your Smarties!

-Sweet B.

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