New Pieces for Glitter and Grunge

Here are my new pieces for Glitter and Grunge -dum da da dum - the King and Queen of Candy!

Both of these pieces sit atop functional glass candy jars. Loaded with detail, these cuties will give your candy stash the royal treatment.

Obviously King Cuthbert indulges in the best sweets his kingdom has to offer, with a tiny lollipop in one hand and a gumdrop sceptre in the other, it's no wonder his little striped trousers are feeling snug.

Atop her pink candy floss hair, Queen Cordelia is wearing a tiara comprised of vintage jewelry. Her Majesty is holding a bouquet of "sugary" lollipops in one hand and a paper baggy filled with Royal Sweets in the other. Her candy colored dress is lightly trimmed with glitter for sparkle, and her ruffled collar is made of vintage crepe paper.

Both pieces are aged, finished with varnish and signed by me - Sweet B.

E-mail me with any questions.

Don't forget to visit the other artists on the Glitter and Grunge website!

- Sweet B


vivian said...

Hi AMelia! I love your art work! great job! I see you commented on my last post.. I'm trying to visit everyone who did. I promise in one of my next posts I am goign to mention that people should stop by to see you!! YOu need to have some visitors!!
you should have joined the miniature swap! You could have made a little paper mache doll! or bear!

michelle said...

Wow! They are just amazing! So nice to meet you!

Donna said...

Love,love,love your art work. And as far as candy you have a true comrad in me. My motto "So much candy, so little time."

Sabii Wabii said...

These are amazing...great work.