Glitter and Grunge Listing for June

Firstly, let me say that May turned out to be the "celebration" month in our family. We have just run the gauntlet - three Birthdays, Mothers day and a Bon Voyage. Needless to say I have neglected my blog and my work!

Soooooo, in an attempt to catch up I have spent the last three days running around like crazy, working my little fingers to the bone and trying to organize all of my projects.

Firstly, the Glitter and Grunge listing....

....These canvas coasters can be found on the Glitter and Grunge starting on the first of June. I will be making a series of these this summer; Halloween, Fall and Christmas are planned. I sew and prime the canvas, paint them and antique them, and then give them three coats of a polyurethane (sanding between coats) to make them waterproof and really durable.

It's quite an undertaking so I will be making several sets at a time, although no two will be alike.

You may also note that I have added vintage button to the corners of each coaster, my husband thinks this is "too much!" - but I just love old buttons and I think they make each coaster special.
Glitter and Grunge is a really fun website with tons of talented artists, it is a great place to spend some time (REALLY spend some time!)

-Sweet B

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