An Explanation about Halloween

That's Right! - Halloween in June - Such a Wonderful Idea. Wait till you see what I will be listing.....

In the meantime, a little explanation as to where my fascination and LOVE of Halloween originates from...

For those of you who don't know, I was born in America - but spend the majority of my childhood in New Zealand. First off - New Zealand, being an English colony, does not celebrate Halloween.

Sooooo, although my I knew about Halloween (my parents had thrilled me and my brother with their own childhood memories), I only had two opportunities to go trick or treating as a child.

Once, when I was five, we traveled back to California to visit my grandmother - IN OCTOBER no less. Needless to say my brother and I were so excited about being able to pick out our first "drug store" costumes at Longs. You know the ones - weird plastic outfits that tied in the back - some had really strange plastic masks that went with them. I choose a butterfly costume (See photo). We had a fantastic time going from house to house and filling up our bags with all of the fantastic candy and visiting a haunted house at a local school. I WAS HOOKED!

The next October my brother and I were back in New Zealand and we decided to go trick or treating by ourselves.
1.Despite the fact that no other kids were going,
2. the seasons were opposite (spring time),
3.And no one even KNEW what Halloween was.
I think I dressed up as a cat, and I distinctly remember my brother in some kind of pirate costume. We made the rounds in and around our neighborhood - knocking on doors and yelling - "Trick or Treat", most people gave us the spare change from their pockets one lady gave us biscuits - but really I don't think we got even one piece of candy. (we probably used the money to buy candy afterward)

Well, that should have been the end of it - but .... as I mentioned before - I WAS HOOKED............... I HAD to find a way to have Halloween.

Even though my Birthday is in January, I started requesting costume parties, and always asked to have bags of candy to give to all of the kids as they came to the door. WEIRD - I know - but if you look through our family photo albums you can tell which birthdays are mine - all of the kids are dressed up in costume! (I am the ballerina with the coffee bean necklace and buster brown sandals) This was my little way of having Halloween, and it worked out pretty well. Costumes, Candy and Candles - sort of Halloween right?

We eventually moved back to the U.S when I was thirteen, and I have been celebrating REAL Halloweens ever since. I guess growing up without Halloween, while still knowing all about it fostered a sort of fascination/fixation that still lingers today. Not to mention that Halloween is the BIGGEST candy holiday ever - and as you all know... Sweet B has got to have her candy!!!

So this is why I get all worked up over things like "Halloween in June", why I make Halloween pieces all year round, and why I start thinking of costume ideas November 1st of every year!

Cut me some slack people! - While the rest of you were out on October 31st raking in the candy - I was stuck counting out my "small change".

Sweet B


Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

What a great story! I loved Halloween as a kid too--next to Christmas it was my favorite day. But it seemed to always rain or be so cold that we had to wear a coat over our costumes. Still had a blast. ;0
Love your little G and G things!

janell berryman artist-owner said...

Sad, but sweet story. I am glad you caught up and got to enjoy a few years of trick or treating with "candy" instead of coins or a biscuit.
I will admit, I love circus peanuts. You handle three... I can do about 8. AND I never made the banana connection! I wonder if I got a bag if they would taste any different now that I know... hmmmmm. I might have to find some and try that out :)