Confectionary Commentary

Tomorrow I will begin the new
Candy of the Month Club!

Each month I will feature a different confection and each month Candy Club members can post a comment to enter themselves in the monthly prize drawing!

The candy of the month will be posted on the first of each month - with the random drawing for the prize winner happening on the 5th of each month!


This club will not for the faint of heart! There may be some SERIOUS sugar consumption involved in club participation.
The candy of the month will be the real deal.
We are talking artificially flavored, colored, corn syrup laced, refined sugar!

There may be chocolate on occasion - but for the most part we are talking candy at its purest here, the kind of stuff kids spend their pocket money on and moms spend their time confiscating!

There is a "loop-hole" however, -if you happen to be diabetic, or on a diet for health reasons, or have valid reasons for not being able to eat sugar, you may choose to "SHARE" the Candy of the Month with others - and post about their reactions/your experience/thoughts.

July's prize is REALLY GOOD! - check back on the first for all of the "Sweet and Juicy" details!

- Sweet B

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Lance said...

SWEET!! Literally!!