Halloween Hoopla!

Here are photos of my Pfatt Halloween listings for this month - "What's all the Hoopla" you ask... well - Pfatt is themed Halloween in June - because Christmas is ALWAYS in JULY.

Anyway - This Tree is SERIOUSLY cool - it is sooooooooo hard to take photos of these pieces, but I can assure you - the tree looks fabulous in person. Layers of paint give it depth - and the nose and chin are really "gnarly". It is hard to tell in the photo, but the two front branches are arms - with long spindly twig fingers . Can you tell this is one piece I wouldn't mind keeping!! I used vintage crystal gems from a broach for my Owl eyes - and the compartment inside the tree goes all the way to the bottom of the piece.

My little pies are cute too - don't you think! - Wouldn't you just love to take a bite out of them! the boxes were handmade and the little pie lids lift off to show a dry-brushed red interior.

All of this can be yours - just visit the Pfatt Marketplace. Don't forget to take a gander at all of wonderful artists on the site as well - give yourself plenty of time - you will want to look at EVERYTHING. Oh, and don't forget to sign up for door prizes, I think you can enter once a day.

If you have any questions please e-mail me anytime. Comments are always welcome too.

- Sweet B

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