Circus Peanuts - June Candy of the Month

This month I am honoring the Grand Dame of marshmallow candies.....

Beautifully technicolor orange, these tasty little marshmallow candies are shaped like a cartoon peanut and taste like tropical bananas.
No one knows the origin of the name "Circus Peanut", but I think that the bright color and fun shape may have something to do with it.

First produced in the 1800's, Circus peanuts were orange flavored and sold as seasonal items in five and dime stores. There are quite a few manufacturers of Circus Peanuts, but the big three would be Brach's Farley's and Spangler. Spangler has been producing circus peanuts since the 1940's, currently they produce about 3960,000 lbs of Circus Peanuts a year.
Some people LOVE Circus Peanut (me!) and some people cannot stand them (my husband!) - Personally I like the slightly gritty chewy texture and the super sugary banana taste, although too many Circus Peanuts can be really overwhelming. The first Circus Peanut out of the bag is fabulous, the second one is really good, the third is pushing it - and if you consecutively eat a fourth - woe is you.

Circus peanuts have been produced in yellow, pink and white in the past - but the traditional orange peanut shape is the best.
Little known fact: General Mills Cereal company discovered that the Circus Peanut shavings added a tasty element to their breakfast cereal. General Mills developed this discovery and created "Lucky Charms".

SO - Whether you eat them all of the time, or haven't had one since childhood - this month is Circus Peanut Month - so buy a bag and share some Circus Peanuts today!

-Sweet B


Melissa Valeriote said...

Yummy! Now you got me thinking I need to run out to the store and hunt down some of those peanuts! Your new G+G coasters are ADORABLE! Got a soft spot for those Halloween ones.

The Polka Dot Pixie said...

I have been getting inspired by Circus Art lately... the whimsy of it. Loving all of your new work as well!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Man, oh man, my daughter talked me into buying some of those last week!! Pure sugar.
Fun post. :)