Candy Colored Veggies

I was making dinner the other night (ham steaks with greens and grits) and noticed that my mixed greens weren't green at all... in fact they look quite bright and colorful - no photoshop enhancement here by the way. Aren't they pretty? Of course the beautiful candy colored greens didn't stay that way, AND they didn't taste like candy, AND they are good for you -
so I guess the similarity ends with the rainbow colors.
I have also been busy "wrapping up" a few swap items:

My ATC for the Ambition Designs swap

My Tombstone for the Annual Tombstone Swap

The only thing I have left is my doll for the Halloween Doll swap hosted by Vivian! My dollie is getting her skirt delivered today - she is very excited, as she has been hiding in the cupboard behind a box of malted milk balls - embarrassed that she has no clothes on!

This month's Candy Club participation is down - Whats the deal... are you all on diets or what ... sheeeesh!

-Sweet B


randi said...

I agree- gorgeous greens!! I finally ate my Red Vines- they never made it to the movies! And, coincidentally, I saw the Red Vines factory the other day on Unwrapped!

Designs by CK said...

COOL greens, love the colors!

Why couldn't you have been my ACEO swap partner???!!! LOL '-P)

Love the candy ACEO!

PS: I was bummed I was out-bid on your crow candy container today...I meant to bid higher and missed the end of the auction...darn phone! :-(

Have a great & creative week!

SpOOky Hugs,

Iva said...

Yay!! I get the tombstone! It's so sweet!! I am finishing my up and hope you like it. I'll post pics on my blog soon. Can't wait to get yours!
~ Iva

Designs by CK said...

Hi B! ~ Popping in to say hello & wish you a great weekend!

Chris :-)

Robert said...

Red vines!! I wished I had tried to join when you had Fruit-Stripe bubble gum! I have never cared for red vines, but I tried them again! I am still not a fan! I love your site though- it is sooo... SWEET! Please enter me in the drawing for those great coasters!I have added your sweet link to my blog:
Robert :)

vivian said...

look out,, you know halloween dolls like candy! she might be eating those malted milk balls! Cant wait to see that dolly!!
the greens are gorgeous by the way!!

Flora said...

Oh I've eaten red vines and I have to agree with Mr. Robert...they aren't my fave either,now the soft " Twizzlers " I do like a lot, they're gone before I know it!
Wish I could have joined too,then I could have a chance to win those gorgeous coasters!!!!Oh yeah, you're tagged!

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Pretty greens...but I like candy, which unfortunately shows on my hips!!! HA!! Guess I better stick with the colorful greens. Great swap items!!

Kim Hardt Originals said...

Love the stone! It looks great!


Enchantments and Giggles said...

Hi Sweet B - I wanted to send a quick update on Lewiston! He has been trying to get admitted into the Lollip Guild here, but they keep telling him he is too big! What's a guy to do?!

Red vines, aren't they just too, too yummy? Hard to imagine participants are down. I would love to see the factory that Randi mentioned! Tan