Well Hello Dolly!

Here are a few pics of my doll - created for Viv's Halloween Doll Swap. I made this doll for Michelle over at Gingham World. HOPEFULLY she will not peek!

This lovely little lady took FOREVER. I have a new found respect for all of you doll makers out there!

I am going to let Michelle name her, but her pet dove has been named "sparkles" - for obvious reasons.
-Sweet B


randi said...

Hey- long time no "see"! Wow! Miss Yettobenamed is adorable! I, too, have a newfound respect for dollmakers- as my little guy (who I am afraid pales in comparison to your little lady) also took a long time! It was fun working on him, though- and I will be a bit sad to see him go!

vivian said...

amelia!! how stinking awesome your doll is! Its always hard to see them go after putting so much heart and soul into them. But you will recieve something just as wonderful I'm sure!
I think its awesome that you took the challange and now you know that you can create beautiful dolls!!
your partne is very lucky!
PS.. do you mind if I steal this picture to post with the rest of the dolls later?

Designs by CK said...

B ~ The doll is lovely and I did not know you made dolls too. VERY talented you are!

PS: I am lovin' your new Halloween banners on eBay. They have such great vintage charm.

Chris :)