Winner for August!

The winner for the August Prize is.....

....Tumbleweed Treasures....

Ta Da!

so if you are out there Ms.(or Mr.)Tumbleweed - drop me a line and I will send Lil'Sis to you!
I am going to do a set of
Hand-Painted Halloween Coasters
for the September Prize. I'll post a few photos sometime within the next few days.
So don't forget to eat your Red Vines and leave me a comment.
Some of you have e-mailed me comments, which is ok too!
-Sweet B

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randi said...

Hey and Happy Monday! Thanks for your comments! I'm anxious to see these coasters...coasters are something I haven't tried making yet. It's funny you should mention sewing. I've been sewing for a week and a half (I don't sew either...or didn't until last week!), but I've had moderate success with my doll. He's actually looking pretty cute, albeit a bit stiff! He's painted muslin, so we'll see. I may blog about sewing today. We should totally stage a swap- I'm in. :) Oh, and I have an Etsy store...I'm just terrible at getting stuff posted in there. I'll put a link on my blog soon.