Celebrate Banner Swap

This is the end result of my FIRST SWAP EVER! - A really fun "celebrate" banner swap. This is the banner I made for my new buddy Janae (her blog is object of maya*ffection).

I chose to create a banner for Janae's kitchen which is decorated in a "coffee" theme, her colors were plum, terracotta and sage green. I added some of my vintage buttons (you know I must like her to part with those babies), and incorporated a little bit of overdyed wool in the bows on each end.

Touches of glitter on the sugar cubes and in the coffee or course.

Note the "sugar lump" - there's one in every crowd - everyone else is celebrating and he is sulking because he doesn't want to go swimming! - boo hoo.

I really loved participating in the swap - check out Ga Ga for Garlands to see more wonderful banners and pennants. I only regret that I couldn't do Viv's miniature swap - I overcommited myself, although I may have been out of my league on that one - check out the fab teensies at Vivian's blog: Viv's Whimsy.

I hope to participate in more swaps this summer/fall- email me if you have a swap or see a good one!

-Sweet B.

Gone to the Pfatt Birds!

Hooray! This is my first listing on Pfatt Marketplace, a wonderful site chock-full of great folk and primitive art. Set some time aside to browse - you'll need it.

My first piece on Pfatt is another cute banner - Welcome your guests with this nostalgic hand painted canvas banner. This cutie has been sealed with varnish so it may be used inside your home, or in a shaded outdoor area. The canvas measures 25” tall and 22” and hangs a total of 36” with the ribbon ties. This is a one of a kind, signed by me – Sweet B! $60.00 - Visit Pfatt for more info.

My second piece is a little Crow Candy Jar - This adorable candy jar stands 10.5” tall with it’s crow cork stopper. Hand painted and varnished for durability, this crow will guard your goodies for years to come. Details of this piece include; Crepe paper collar, glitter accenting on the crow, ribbon trim and vintage glass button to finish. Use this jar to store your favorite candy, button collection or secret candy corn stash! One of a kind, signed by me – Sweet B Please visit Pfatt for more photos.

I will be going on vacation at the end of this month so look for some cute Halloween pieces in my May G&G and Pfatt listings.

- Sweet B

Catching Up

OK -Totally behind with my blogging so here goes...... the first image is of some great flea market goodies I picked up a couple of weeks ago - just $1.00ea including some wonderful vintage charm bracelets. The second image is of an old mission style cupboard (it has a wonderful wavy glass door) filled with some of my "working treasures", things I will use for up coming pieces - and some of my glitter. I have also added a photo of myself to my profile since I have been asked several times what I look like.


Sweet B


New Pieces for Glitter and Grunge

Here are my new pieces for Glitter and Grunge -dum da da dum - the King and Queen of Candy!

Both of these pieces sit atop functional glass candy jars. Loaded with detail, these cuties will give your candy stash the royal treatment.

Obviously King Cuthbert indulges in the best sweets his kingdom has to offer, with a tiny lollipop in one hand and a gumdrop sceptre in the other, it's no wonder his little striped trousers are feeling snug.

Atop her pink candy floss hair, Queen Cordelia is wearing a tiara comprised of vintage jewelry. Her Majesty is holding a bouquet of "sugary" lollipops in one hand and a paper baggy filled with Royal Sweets in the other. Her candy colored dress is lightly trimmed with glitter for sparkle, and her ruffled collar is made of vintage crepe paper.

Both pieces are aged, finished with varnish and signed by me - Sweet B.

E-mail me with any questions.

Don't forget to visit the other artists on the Glitter and Grunge website!

- Sweet B

Candy of the Month

This month's candy is SMARTIES! Chosen in honour of April Fools Day! Smarties are a very durable candy, they don't melt in extreme heat, they don't turn a funny color when frozen and they last forever! If you find a Smartie in the cushion of your couch, or dig one up from the depths of your car's interior, you can pretty much count on it tasting exactly the same as one fresh out of the wrapper. Smarties were introduced in 1949 and were commonly known as "candy pills". In addition to the regular fruit flavor Smarties also come in jumbo size, sour, and tropical flavor.

Smarties are made in the U.S. and in Canada by the Ce De company. Canadian Smarties can sometimes be found on U.S. shelves during Halloween when demand is high. Canadian Smarties are slightly larger and have a stronger taste than the American version.

Eat your Smarties!

-Sweet B.