January Candy of the Month

Weird Candy
Have you ever seen candy and thought
" that's just not right"
"what were they thinking?"
THIS for example
Sure, it looks cute - but what if it REALLY tasted like hot dogs?

or bologna?????

But don't worry - it has been inspected by the Dept. of Bubble gum!

Hey.... I get the gummy popcorn in the cute box.... but WHY SOUR? - that is just weird!

and what is the deal with "CHOCOLATE FLAVORED" - do they really think they are fooling anyone with this? - Either it's chocolate, or it isn't right?

OK -SO you get the theme right?
this month's Candy Club Challenge is
Strange Sweets
Post a comment about the strangest, weirdest, most bizarre candy you have tried or seen and you will be entered to win a set of Sweet B Candy Ornaments.

Your Set of Ornaments will include
A Belligerent Bon Bon
A miniature Sweet B lollipop
and a
malicious marshmallow

All of you who participated in December are automatically entered for this drawing, if you post this month you will receive another entry (that's twice the chances to win!)

I have tried a lot of weird candy in my time, but the most recent experience with a "Strange Sweet" would have to be this past Christmas.

My mom made a batch of mint fudge that was a shade of green never seen in nature. This stuff looked like lumpy kryptonite on a plate.

how did it taste?......like it looked!

Sorry Mom - but it was pretty weird.

-Sweet B


Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Personally I think the weirdest candy is candy cigarettes. What a bad example it sets! Still I loved them as a kid. Especially the gum cigarettes that blew out a little puff of sugar smoke when you blew into them.
Jen (those bug lollipops are gross too:)

Enchanted Productions by Joyce Stahl said...

Hey Sweet B....this is fun!

I think the weirdest candy I've ever tried was a chocolate covered bug of some kind! Can't remember which member of the creepy crawly family it was...but it gave a crunchy center to the chocolate. LOL!


Designs by CK said...

I love the hot dog candy...TOO funny...I LOVE real hot dogs!!!

Pick ME!!! '-P)


Iva's Creations said...

Okay, the weirdest candy....hmmmm...I ate a booger flavored Jelly Belly - yuck! Oh...and I just tried these little papery pockets - almost like communion wafers - that were filled with crunchy candy. Those were weird. Any way, thanks for the chance at your sweet ornaments!
~ Iva

Jo James said...

Here's one for ya Sweet B-
Bacon flavored jelly beans!


vintagepaletteart said...

This year my granddaughter got a gummy candy that looked like an eyeball. Of course.......I had to try it and all I could think was that it really looked and felt like a real one! Eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww........

p.s. Iva.......I remember those paper pocket things too!

Melissa said...

VOMIT jelly beans from Harry Potter's Bertie Botts every flavor beans ....eeewwwwww

Doreen said...

I would have to say the weirdest candy I've ever eaten were those wax lips they use to have when I was a child...I must say..they were tasty..but now that I think back to the fact that I ate a pair of red wax lips with liquid inside....i think ...ewwww!!

:)great idea B...:)


Monkey-Cats Studio said...

I'm with Jennifer on the candy cigarettes9all sugar)...with the tinted end to resemble a lit cigarette and they came packaged like real cigarettes...my Father (deceased from heart disease) was a chain smoker and I remember sitting with my pretend cigarettes imitating him-AHHHHHH!! I recently discovered they still make them.

Sweet B Folk Art said...

Yes! The Bertie Botts beans are really quite different - you guys who have tried them are daring - I have only managed to nibble the corner off of a grass flavored one

too gross!

*retro-rudolphs* said...

I have to say I enjoy Popeye cigarettes much to the chagrin of Jen and Laurie (Sorry ladies!)

However, I agree with Doreen that the weirdest candy I've ever eaten is wax lips.
My younger sister and I still joke about those wax lips from time to time.


Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Where on earth did you find those odd candies??

Emily said...

The weirdest (and one I really like still) is sweet plums caked in salt. Found in a little mom/pop shop in Los Angeles Ca in the 1980's. I loved it's sweet sourness...just thinking about it, yummmm. But I digress, it was strange and strangely good.

Sweet B Folk Art said...

Hey I love those salty plums too! Ate a TON of those when I was in China. Another weird candy from China is HAW - strange, paper thin disks made from pressed fruit. Dry but oddly addicting - hmmm - wonder what else is in them.

- Sweet B

tammy smith said...

hey sweet B!
the weirdest candy i've ever had were some mini hamburgers made of some kind of jelly--UGH! it was the most awful tasting thing i've ever tried.
of course they tie with the mini "jelly in wax pop bottles" candy-that wasn't too great either!

Sweet B Folk Art said...

Confession - I buy and eat those gummy hamburgers occasionally. I like to eat the middle part - then the bun - don't ask me why.

-Sweet B

WillowLakeScents said...

Just stopping in to say hello ~ I'm your swap partner for the PWGL Little Tokens of Love Swap ~ Hope ya like what I'll be sending! Now, for the candy thing, I have to go with the Harry Potter Jelly Beans ~ weird & gross !

Jeanne said...

Where on earth do you find this stuff???

adelesspookyart said...

The Hose Nose candy

Place on the slimed candy filled, nose mask. Next remove the red cap from underneath the nose. Squeeze the nose and OH, don't forget to hang your tongue out!! A runny nose has never tasted so good!!

The Concept is "snot" very nice but it tastes pretty good...yuck yuck!!

Anya said...

I've seen gummy sunny-side-up eggs which seem a bit strange to me.Thanks for the chance.

Jen said...

I think the yuckiest candy I ever ate were those crazy Harry Potter Jelly beans. Oh they were so nasty with their booger, grass and vomit tasting jelly beans. So gross!

Jennifer(Crooked-Needle Primitives)


Whimsical Creations said...

I would have to say the choclate flavored skittles my son bought from a vending machine. Even he thought they were gross.

=) melanie
melanieadey at hotmail dot com

~Tonya said...

Hi'ya Sweet B,

I have never seen any of the odd candies that you have posted...

But do remember the candy cigarettes and wax lips LOL The things they come up with.

Yup, now that I have kids...the candy cig's are a bad idea.

Have a great evening.

Stacie said...

The weirdest candy? Hmmm well I have eaten "a foot with a really big toe" and a "thumb".

Malissa said...

I think that the Boston Baked Beans that my Grandmother used to get are the strangest candy I've ever eaten. They taste terrible!