Its Finally Here!The EHAG January Challenge and Blog Give-away! Give-away details and peeks at the prizes are on the EHAG website now - don't forget to visit and sign up to win!
Challenge pieces will be listed on Ebay all week - just use EHAG as a search word on Ebay to view these creepy creations!

Here is my challenge piece, which will be listed on Wednesday of this week.This Winter Witch has been collecting the last crab apples of the season (by the light of the crescent moon of course!)
There is wonderful detail in this piece, the shadow cabinet interior has been painted with spooky winter trees over a snowy, frosty background. Mica flakes add a tiny bit of sparkly to the layers of "snow" that has settled. Madame Witch has alpaca hair, which has been braided into a bun, a hand-sewn woolen cloak and skirt and crepe undergarments. The spooky tree is paper mache over composite and has been layered with paint for a wonderfully realistic texture. A blue light bulb is affixed to the back and gives off an erie glow when switched on. The outside of the box has been buffed with wax for a lovely soft finish. The cold crescent moon watches over the scene from his perch on top.
Total piece stands 10.5inches tall and 3.5inches deep and 5 inches wide.
Another Ebay listing for this week.
This one comes with a little poem:
Lollipop, Lollipop
Trick or Treat.
Tonight your journey must be fleet!
For in the forest lurks great danger,
trust your candy
This Shadow Cabinet is slightly larger, 11.5inches tall, 8.5 inches wide and 3inches deep. A blood red light is mounted on the back, which gives this piece a warm, scary glow at night.
The outside of the cabinet has been accented with elaborate wooden embellishments and braiding. A deep wax finish has also been applied to the entire outside of the piece. The Spooky Trees in the foreground are paper mache and composite, mounted against a painted "forest" background. These terrified lollipops are grasping their tiny candy baskets while they flee through the toad-stool scattered wood.Even the tiny little baskets have been painted, and filled with all sorts of miniature goodies.
I must say, these photos do not do this piece justice - it really is something to see.
And see it you shall, on Ebay this week!
Thanks for stopping
-Sweet B


January Candy of the Month

Weird Candy
Have you ever seen candy and thought
" that's just not right"
"what were they thinking?"
THIS for example
Sure, it looks cute - but what if it REALLY tasted like hot dogs?

or bologna?????

But don't worry - it has been inspected by the Dept. of Bubble gum!

Hey.... I get the gummy popcorn in the cute box.... but WHY SOUR? - that is just weird!

and what is the deal with "CHOCOLATE FLAVORED" - do they really think they are fooling anyone with this? - Either it's chocolate, or it isn't right?

OK -SO you get the theme right?
this month's Candy Club Challenge is
Strange Sweets
Post a comment about the strangest, weirdest, most bizarre candy you have tried or seen and you will be entered to win a set of Sweet B Candy Ornaments.

Your Set of Ornaments will include
A Belligerent Bon Bon
A miniature Sweet B lollipop
and a
malicious marshmallow

All of you who participated in December are automatically entered for this drawing, if you post this month you will receive another entry (that's twice the chances to win!)

I have tried a lot of weird candy in my time, but the most recent experience with a "Strange Sweet" would have to be this past Christmas.

My mom made a batch of mint fudge that was a shade of green never seen in nature. This stuff looked like lumpy kryptonite on a plate.

how did it taste? it looked!

Sorry Mom - but it was pretty weird.

-Sweet B


Happy January

Happy January everyone
HAPPY 2009!

I always start the new year off birthday is in January!!
Which is a really nice pick-me-up after the Holiday let down.
The creative buzz is warming up around here
I have multiple WIP going and the candy of the month will be up in the next few days. Some exciting challenges this month and some new twists on old favorites - a good way to start a new year!
this month on Pfatt Marketplace

updated the 10th of the month

a Valentine Bear Sweet B Lollipop Tree

I really wanted to show it holding heart-shaped lollipops, but none of the stores in my area have their Valentine candy out yet!!! - so he is just a tad bit sad with the swirly pops - but still really cute! - his hat is wool felt with vintage millinery flowers and a fun glittery heart. He holds up to 21 lollipops and has an extra heavy wooden base - to hold all of those great big chocolate lollipops.

Fairytale Toadstools

Won't these be cute tucked in with Valentines decorations, I made some for myself and will probably keep them out all year round - Several sets will be up for sale on Pfatt.

They are rather SWEET aren't they?

I will be doing something a little different this month for the candy club challenge - since I combined December with January - so check back in the next few days!

ALSO - Spookytime Jingles will be doing a little seasonal promotion

I can't wait to see what the STJ artists produce for Valentines!

The Talent over at EHAG also has a great January Giveaway and Challenge

details forth-coming on the EHAG
Saving the best for last.....Chris Klinger has a brand new website address - stop by to see some of the most devilishly detailed pen and ink originals on the web!

- Sweet B