EHAG Sweet Treats!

What a wonderful challenge from EHAG this month

Here are two of my pieces that will be listed on Friday...

Sweet and Sour Candy Corn Candy Jar. - This little guy is reversible -sort of a Dr. Jeckle Mr. Hyde thing going on here.

One side is happy to share the candy inside the jar -

the other side ... well, he might just bite the hand that dares to sneak a treat! The jar comes with a wooden scoop to prevent bites!.

-Check out all of the talented artists of EHAG - there are some amazing Halloween pieces being listed on Ebay.

May I offer you some candy?

Les Confections Horribles
Direct from Paris - a box of Dreadfully Delectable Delights!
This entire opulent box has been upholstered in orange silk - tied with a crepe paper sash and embellished with a vintage velvet millinery flower with hand-painted candy swirl center. The label has been painted on canvas, dusted with glass glitter and anchored with Dresden paper trim.

Hmmmm - how will you make your selection - they all look so delicious! check the guide to see which is which....

Terrible truffles, Belligerent Bon Bons, Wicked Whips, Malevolent Mallows, Cruel Cremes, Devilish Delights and Killing Krisps, Oh - they all look so good!!

Whoops! I forgot to mention the poison label tucked under the candy guide.... oh well "Death by Chocolate" isn't so bad.

- Sweet B


randi said...

Oh my gosh- these are so wonderful. Just adorable- I love it. Les Confections Horribles may be the best thing I've ever seen. I mean, really- they're brilliant...and cute. You are so talented!!

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

I laughed out loud at your box of confections!!! Perfect!! Creepilicious!!

Designs by CK said...

LOVE ALL your CrEEpY confections B!

The candy box of spOOky chocolates is my favorite!!! :-D)


Handmade Parade said...

Love these in a major MAJOR way!


vivian said...

Amelia! you are remarkable! I love your box of chocolates! and your cute candy corn guy!

BagHag said...

Hey "B" (in my best Aunt Bea voice) -

Get with it Lady - where's October's Creepy Confection (a/k/a Candy of the Month (hereinafter referred to as "COM")! (Sorry - I do legal work by day)!! I too late for September's "COM"? Let's see...Red Vines...MUCH BETTER THAN THOSE PLASTICY (is that a word) TWIZZLERS...blech!! Love Red Vines except unfortunately I had to eat the ENTIRE Costco-size container! (ha)

Have a wicked weekend.

BagHag blowin' out!

Iva said...

How clever! Love this box of naughty chocolates!! Hope you got my swap item. Keep the wonderful Halloween eye-candy flowing!
~ Iva