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It's a Day for Celebrations

Check out the latest from Spookytime Jingle Artists, Including a special "inspiration" update - see what inspires these wicked artists.....IF YOU DARE!

Friday the 13th also happens to be the birthday of the

Many Happy Returns of the Day Chris!
Did you know it's ok to eat candy for breakfast on your BIRTHDAY!

-Sweet B


Designs By CK said...


Come and check out my blog after midnight...I have a VERY special new post coming SOON! '-)

You are the BEST & sending my well wishes for the new STJ update!!!

PS: Thanks again for ALL my lovely birthday goodies!!!

Chris (-:

Designs By CK said...

PS: LOVE your new STJ goodies too!

Birthday Boy Chris (-:

Bone*Head*Studios said...

Sweet B,
I just saw all your creations and they are just Fabulous!!!, Those chickies are too sweet!!!

Lance said...

Hey thanks for stopping by! I love Wallace and Gromit, and can't wait to see the new short. Have you seen Chicken Run? Great movie.

Love your new update, the tic tac toe board is genius!!

Designs By CK said...

Hi B ~ I emailed you earlier today about purchasing the Gorey busts. I LOVE THEM & HAVE TO HAVE THEM!!!

I have 1st dibbs & email me when you get a chance!!! '-)

PS: Thanks for your recent bid too! :-)

Happy Valentine's day weekend sweetie.