What IS it about candy anyway!

We all have different things that inspire us creatively. For me, candy has always been an inspiration - the bright colors, fun shapes, amazing textures, and silly names... all this AND a sure fire sugar rush! - I mean, can you beat that?

As a child I dreamed of having a candy dress - pink bubble gum wrappers would make up the dress, with lollipop buttons and a crinoline of golden "Crunchie bar wrappers". A candy button belt (see previous posting) and licorice "trim" to finish (twisted to look like rick-rack).
Sound elaborate? Hey, I didn't even mention the cellophane "lace"..... Believe me, I spend a lot of my childhood designing that dress in my imagination.
Candy boxes and wrappers are inspiring too - have you ever really looked at the boxes stacked up in the drugstore candy aisle? - bubbly letters, rainbow writing and wonderful anthropomorphic candy "people" cavorting across glossy boxes ... feel inspired yet?
Candy is featured in some of my "sweetest" childhood memories: Finding half-melted chocolate eggs at Easter. Convincing my brother that if he buried his bag of gum-drops a gum-drop tree would grow (and then digging it up when he wasn't looking and eating the gum-drops - what a rotten sister I was). I can even remember the excitement I felt during my first visit to Baskin Robbins - watching as a big scoop of
bubble gum ice-cream was placed on top of my cone!
Candy is one of the main reasons I love Halloween so much! - can you name any other time of year when it is publicly acceptable to fill your shopping cart with candy? Or for kids to come home from trick-or-treating with PILLOW CASES full of chocolate coated sugar bliss???

Everyone has their "THING" - you know, the one thing that really gets you "fired up". For me it has always, without a doubt, been candy!

Amazingly I only have two cavities.
...just goes to show.. can have your candy and eat it too!

Eat your candy!
-Sweet B


Designs By CK said...

Hi B ~ What a great post and I totally agree! There is just "something" about candy. Sometimes I think candy is even better to look at than actually eat.

Would LOVE to see that candy dress someday! LOL '-P)

Hope you are having a nice week.

Chris (-:

vivian said...

"sweet" post!
YOu really should design a doll with that candy paper outfit that youre talking about.. I can easily picture it..
comeon do it!!

Jeanne said...

The Candy Castle pic is awesome!A Dream come true...