The Winner of the January Candy Challenge

Ooooh, who will be taking home this set of
Sweet B Confections?
My husband selected the lucky number this time, AND the November Candy Club members were entered into the draw as promised.
and the winner is.......

Lori, from Retro Rudolphs

Congratulations Lori! Your malicious marshmallow, Belligerent bon bon and Miniature Sweet B Lollipop man will be sent off as soon as I get your address!
In the meantime, click HERE to see my sweet selection currently listed on Ebay.

Come back on Tuesday to see February's Candy Club Challenge, and have another chance to WIN a Sweet B Creation.
- Sweet B


vivian said...

Hi Amelia! hope all is well! have a sweet week!

Designs By CK said...

Congrats LUCKY girl Lori!!! (-:

Have a great week B!


*retro-rudolphs* said...

I am SO THRILLED!!!! Yipee, yipee for me... I can't wait to own and display these tasty treats!

Thanks again Sweet B! ~ I'm so happy!!!

Lori :) :)