Candy of the Month And the BIG PRIZE

The Candy of the Month has been delayed by a few days (my sincerest apologies), so I have decided to make it up to all of you candy clubbers by making this month's challenge

Candy Corn!

I am sure most of you have consumed at least one kernel by this point- how do I know? - well they say over 20 Million pounds of the stuff is consumed each year- so the odds are good!
Candy corn was first created in the 1880s - it has many variations: Indian Corn, Reindeer Corn, Cupid Corn and Bunny Corn (none of these taste as good as regular candy corn) - Several companies make Candy Corn - personally I like Brachs - lots of little ridges for texture.

Here are some candy corn flavors I would like to see.

Fresh Cotton Candy on a paper cone
(the "paper cone" part is key!)
Blue Raspberry Slurpee
Plum So- without going on about it .... EAT YOUR CANDY CORN

I am announcing the prize today - and the drawing will be on the 20th this month - that way the winner can enjoy their prize on Halloween Night!

This beautiful "postcard" banner measures approx 3' x 3.5' - it is stunning in person...
...definitely worth the Candy Corn Calories!
This banner is hand painted and hung by dowel and ribbon - these banners may be used for many years to come and make a wonderful focal point over the fireplace or even on a door.

Anyone who eats 5lbs in one sitting automatically wins the banner and a Richard Simmons Intervention.

I look forward to your comments about Candy Corn.

Septembers winner will be announced on the 5th!~

- Sweet B


BagHag said...

Hey B -

CANDY CORN - of course, you had to choose candy corn - what would October be w/o that?! I found a few new varieties in the stores this year. I bought the caramel corn variety and it is quite tasty, but there's nothing like the original. I love it to decorate with too - put a jar candle on a metal dish and surround it w/candy corn! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


Melissa Valeriote said...

Where do I sign up for the intervention? Unfortunately I have a love hate relationship with candy corn. It's an annual addiction. Luckily I have 11 months to get "clean" before the next cc binge!

Jennifer said...

Next to chocolate candy corn is my favorite. As soon as I see it in the stores I sit a bowl out on the table and everyone that walks by has to grab a few. A bag doesn't last long in this house!
Hooray for candy corn! :)

Robert said...

I love candy corn especially the kind in brown,orange, and white that is honey flavored-yum. I could most definitely eat 5 lbs. at one sitting, but then I might be served up for Thanksgiving as the stuffed turkey!!! Gobble!Gobble!
Thanks for stopping by the house- I know I need more candy- I am trying to wait to closer to Halloween, so trick-or-treaters, and party-goers chunk up and I don't! I have a few staples: dum-dums, smarties, tootsie rolls, and butterscotch disks. Last year we covered that little staircase with candy. It looked liked a pinata burst at our front door. Such fun! Candy is coming soon-I promise!!!

HopHopJingleBoo said...

Found you on Roberts blog..how awesome..Candy Corn hmmm.. I think its a law to have it in the house for Halloween.. We don't it it much but the little we do is enjoyed..

Designs by CK said...

Corn when did I have corn?

Had mine & LOVE IT!!! :)


orangejack said...

Candy Corn! I love the stuff but 5 lbs in a sitting? I'm just under about 600 pieces this month so far. Come see on my Candy Corn Blog.

vivian said...

hi sweet B! I just bought my first bag of candy corn for the season. I bought the original, but tops also has carmel apple candy corn, I couldnt decide between that and gummy pumpkins.. the gummy pumpkins won! now someone needs to eat huge handfuls of the stuff, so I dont eat it all!

Enchantments and Giggles said...

It wouldn't be fall without candy corn! However, I rarely by it any other time of the year, not really sure why. I remember it coming in indiviaul cellophane wrappers, maybe 10 pieces per "mini" bag for trick or treaters. Wonder if they still do that.

Fisher McHenry said...

Candy Corn, never liked the stuff.
I'm sure that doesn't surprise you in the least!!!
I had great fun on Saturday, we need to get together more often.

Tumbleweed Trails said...

Candy Corn...Num Yummy! The very white tips are my fav. part of Candy Corn. Happy Halloween.

Fantastic Figments said...

ahhh. well after one episode of getting sick off over consumption of candy corn I cursed it for eternity. Back then it was just the ol'fanshioned corn. about a month ago needing to get some sugar the only thing I could find was candy corn. I looked and winced but I NEEEDED SUGAR. Thus I grabbed a bag and brought it home. ALAS to my amazement it tasted GOOD. Great even. I soon found that candy corn had greatly evolved over the years and I was eating chocolate candy corn. Now back on the corn horse I will be getting some every Halloween.!


Jeanne said...

Oh, Where would the World be without Candy Corn? All those scrumptious flavors! I love the traditional Halloween yellow, orange, white flavor. (I buy an extra bag and hide it for consumption after Halloween.)
Happy Haunting!