The Winner For September!

Ok - threw all of the Candy Club names in a bowl and picked one...... the winner is......
Michelle! from Gingham World!
Michelle was also my Swap partner for the Halloween Ball Doll Swap
- so I already have her address.
She will be receiving the set of four Sweet B Halloween Coasters.
Don't forget this month's candy is CANDY CORN (read the previous post)
SOOOOOOO Easy for you guys - and a really stunning prize!!
- Sweet B


Robert said...

Hey Sweet B if you liked the pudding stop by and see more of the house! Leave me a message so that I know you dropped by.Robert

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Thanks for visiting me. Your blog is wonderful!

michelle said...

Yiiiiippeeeeee! I am the luckiest! Somehow it just seems right that it would be a result of my love of licorice. I think I will have to eat some tomorrow in honor of my win! Oh, and somehow it seems fitting that I am working on my ton of candy corn consumption for this year too! Oh, i am so lucky, two packages from you!

Melissa Valeriote said... if you had to ask. Thanks for stopping by sweetie!

Anonymous said...

Shoot, I Loved the banner!

Robert said...

Stop by and see me again. I left a post just for you!!! Robert
I know its "CORNY!"