Last Chance to Enter To Win This Banner

Ok Clubbers - this is your last chance to enter to win this georgous banner - I will be drawing the winner tonight between 8:30- 9:30p.m.! So you have limited time to post your comments about candy corn!!

I will be mailing the banner off to the lucky winner on Tuesday - so they can enjoy it for Halloween!

P.S. - I have eaten WAAAAAaaaay to much candy corn this month - I may need to think about going on a diet - Sighhhh.

- Sweet B


Halloween On Canterbury St. said...

Love the banner not so much the Candy Corn but I'm doing my share of candy corn damage!
Fun tip.... don’t bake Candy Corns!!! WOW what a mess and Gross! I thought they would look very cute popping out of chocolate cookies well...not so much!
My boys do like them in Plain yogurt.
Happy Halloween, I hope I win! The banner would be a great addition to our first ever-Old Fashion Halloween Street festival!

MizSmoochieLips said...

That is so fun!! I'm taking advantage of this last chance offer :)
I still have not purchased any candy-corn this year!!! Am I slacking or am I exhibiting major self control? Hmmm...

vivian said...

did I leave a comment already for this sweet banner?? if not please include me now! (youve eaten too much candy already?? halloween isnt even here yet!!)

Designs by CK said...

B ~ I had my candy corn...1/2 lb...I always forget how good the stuff is each year until close to Halloween...and then I remember! ;-)

Have a great day / week candy lady!

Chris :-D)

Jennifer said...

What a GORGEOUS banner!