August Candy of the Month

That's right baby - we're taking a trip to Bean Town!

Boston Baked Beans are the Candy of the month
(in honor of a good friend who is sending her daughter off to college in Boston)

Boston baked beans were invented by the Ferrara Pan Candy Company in the early 1930's. Peanuts covered in reddish brown candy coating, these tasty treats have only one thing in common with the real thing ..... the legume in the center!

Boston Baked beans are not overly sweet - the peanuts are sort of raw tasting and you can really eat quite a few before feeling slightly sick. I wonder what a REAL bean would taste like with candy coating???

Boston Baked Beans can be bought in a variety of sizes - starting with tiny .25cent boxes all the way to big five pound bags. They are available in most drug stores - so not much of a challenge this month - unless you are allergic to peanuts!

Important note!

-There are many impostors out there - the candy of the month is Ferrara Pan's Boston Baked Beans - Candy Club Members will accept no imitators! (this is serious business don't forget)

If you are interested in joining the club - check out the rules on the left hand side of the page - if you are already a member ...

-Sweet B

P.S. Drawing for the July SuperFantastic prize will be held on the fifth.

The Prize for August will also be announced on the fifth as I am still painting it!


randi said...

Yay! A new challenge!

vivian said...

youre so funny with your candy! you need a candy crown for being the candy queen!! when's your birthday?