Grand Prize Winner for July Candy Club Challenge

The winner of July's prize (Lewiston the lollipop man) is TAN - or at least that is what his/her blogger ID is - SO - whoever you are.... Congratulations.... you are the proud new owner of a belligerent lollipop. Please e-mail me with your particulars so that I can send Lewiston packing!!!

For those of you who didn't win, fear not! - there is a new prize in town....

....This months prize requires that you use a little imagination. Since you will be all hopped up on sugar after eating your Boston Baked Beans - I'm sure it will not be hard to imagine this piece finished! What's that? - you can't tell what it is??? - It is actually a pumpkin girl who will be holding a lollipop -she is a candy container (she's the type of girl to loose her head over the smallest thing!)
I promise she will be just as yummy as Lewiston but with a much sweeter disposition.

I will be posting a finished photo soon.

REMEMBER all you have to do is post about your experience with Boston Baked Bean Candies! - I had some people e-mail me directly last time - but really a post would be best (easier for me to keep track of every-one)

- Sweet B


randi said...

Howdy! I'm back- can't wait to see this new little sweetie! I'm still in search of Boston Baked luck thus far- but I won't give up the search!! Happy Wednesday!

Designs by CK said...

Hi Sweet B,

Popping in to say hi & wish you a great week!

Enter my blog giveaway for a "Sundae BOO!"

Chris :)

~dani~ said...

Hey..Tan is a lucky girl!! Tan is in my Halloween Swap and I am pretty sure I have her email address. Let me know if you need anything..I shall help my dear!