Pin Keep Swap

Here is what I made for my good gal pal Vivian for her pin-keep swap. I was fortunate enough to be drawn as Vivacious Vivian's swap partner. This little cutie is a flapper pin keep. I wanted to do something a little more cartoonish - but this is the end result, which I really like. Francie Flapper also has vintage paste rhinestone detailing and a vintage earring centered on her turban. She was sculpted from paper clay and painted with loving care.

The rhinestones were purchased YEARS ago at a flea market, they are sewn onto some kind of ancient fabric backing - I have never wanted to use them because they were so pretty and old -BUT - Vivian deserves the best - so this piece really has some nice vintage sparkle to it. I hope she likes it.
Vivian's blog is worth checking out - she is a total WONDER WOMAN though so beware -you may feel slightly inadequate after you read one of her posts. She has fun adventures, "whips up" teeny tiny little bears and creatures , and makes delicious desserts and pies without batting an eye. This lady is talented!
Now she is hosting a "Halloween Ball" doll swap - jeeezzzzz - I will probably have to join, it looks too cute! (and here I swore off swaps for a while!)

-Sweet B


michelle said...

What a cutie! And I signed up too, who can resist a halloween doll?

vivian said...

UH OH!! something you should know about me... I cant resist snooping!!!! and OH my goodness! I LOVEEEEE your beautiful pinkeep! You are so awesome! thanks for saying such nice sweet things about me too... I was just thinking today that there were quite a few things about myself that I wasnt liking lately! but you made me feel better! thanks!
I didnt see that you had signed up yet for the halloween swap! but I'm so counting on you to do so!!
You rock girlfriend!
hug hug hug!