Candy Club Prize and New Listing

Listen up Candy Clubbers!
Only 6 days left to post about your Boston Baked Beans!

Here is the prize for this month

Big Sis is finally finished.

I went a little more Primitive than I usually do - but I really like the result, the colors are richly layered and there is a touch of orange mica at the base.

Big Sis is sampling the first lollipop of the season.

There she goes "loosing her head again"

Big Sis has a companion piece that will be listed on Glitter and Grunge on the first of the month...

Meet Lil' Bub

Lil' Bub is also a candy container - you can see more of him on G&G after the first.

Hey! If you win Big Sis you will have a place to store those

Boston Baked Beans!!
-Sweet B


randi said...

Ohhh! How cute, cute, cute they are!

Designs by CK said...

CUTE B!!! :)

Spooky CK