Candy Club Reminder...Boston Baked Beans

Here is a reminder that the candy of the month is BOSTON BAKED BEANS. To read more about it - check out my post on the first of August.

To participate in the candy club - check out the rules on the right hand side of the page (your right)

TAN was the winner of July's prize - YOU could be the winner of this months prize!!!

-Sweet B


vivian said...

Amelia, I got your package today! thank you so so much! I ADORE the flapper girl pinkeep!! she is perfect! I have to find the perfect place for her! And thank you for the other goodies too! you spoiled me!
be watching your mail next week.. as yours will be arriving.. late! but it'll be there!

Enchantments and Giggles said...

Whoo Hoo! I hadn't checked your blog in a while and it looks like I was the July winner! Lucky, lucky me!

Enchantments and Giggles said...

P.S. I am off to find some Boston Baked Beans! Tan

Designs by CK said...

BIG congrats and welcome 2 EHAG B!!!

Chris :)

randi said...

Victory at last! I finally found some Boston Baked Beans! I was so excited...I'd been craving them ever since you posted them as the candy of the month!

vivian said...

hello dolly.. me again! question... did you join the halloween doll swap? There are a couple girls that I'm confused about and you are one of them. Please dont feel pressure to join.. I just wasnt sure if you did! I got an email from Randi today and she is joining. Her blog is adorable! I'm glad she joined! okeedokie.. well, you know I would love to have you also....! But I know its impossible to do every swap.. (I keep trying though!)

Tumbleweed Treasures said...

I actually just returned from Boston, MA as I was out there for 2 weeks due to a surgery. I stopped into a 7 11 to buy a soda and they actually had a display of Boston Baked Beans! Naturally I had to grab a few boxes to bring home. I hadn't had any for so long and they were calling out my name. One of the best candies...a great blast from the past. How ironic I should return home and find your new candy of the month Boston Baked Beans. Great Choice, they are so delicious!

Designs by CK said...

B ~ I cannot find Boston Baked Beans anywhere around my neck of the woods. :-(


Linda Crispell said...

I would eat Boston Baked Beans until my jaw unhinged (which starts to occur at the 50th bean)